WATCH: MMA fighter chokes opponent out cold and still loses the fight


Invicta FC has produced some great MMA highlights over the years. It doesn’t really get much crazier than this, though. Celine Haga, making her debut in the organization over the weekend, was about five seconds from scoring a win.

Despite struggling early on, Haga got Amy Montenegro into a choke hold in the final round of their bout, and Montenegro appeared go unconscious as the final bell rang.

The officials didn’t give Haga the victory for the submission, but instead gave Montenegro a decision win. The referee did not stop the fight and said afterward that Montenegro did not go unconscious until after the final bell sounded, leading to the fight going to decision, according to Invicta.

It was one of the more bizarre finishes we’ve seen in recent history and hopefully something we don’t have to see again.

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